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 Flow cytomety는 유액상태로서 세포가 레이저 빔을 통과하면서 나오는 빛으로
세포의 크기, 구조 및 과립도 등을 측정하여 다양한 세포의 특징을 분석할 수 있는
장비이며 극히 미량의 형광물질도 인지할 수 있어 정확도와 민감도가 높고 다양한
혼합세포군에서 소수의 아형군을 측정하여 원하는 population을 분석하고 target 세포의분리가 가능하다.

 Flow cytometry, typically using fluorescent probes which bind to specific cell associated molecules, allows measurements of various phenotypic, biochemical and molecular characteristics of individual cells (or particles) suspended in a fluid stream. As the cells flow past a focused laser beam of appropriate wavelength, the probes fluoresce and the emitted light is collected and directed to appropriate detectors. These detectors, in turn, translate these light signals into electronic signals proportional to the amount of light collected. Information regarding the relative size and granularity of a cell, for example, is also obtained as these characteristics influence the way in which light is scattered as the cell passes through the laser beam.

 The use of flow cytometry can be divided into two broad categories, analysis and cell sorting

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